Why You Need a Technology Insurance Company

Technology InsuranceThere are many reasons why a business would need a technology insurance company. Thanks to technology, the environment in which we do business is changing quickly, and traditional commercial general liability insurance doesn’t protect your company against new threats. Hackers, viruses, and data breaches are just some of the reasons companies need technology insurance.

Does Your Company Need Technology Insurance?

You don’t have to have a high-tech company in order to need technology insurance. Programmers and installation and repair specialists should have IT consultant insurance, but they aren’t the only people whose business is at risk without proper technology errors & omissions insurance. Websites and blogs can be accused of copyright infringement or libel, and interruptions caused by data outages or breaches can cause significant losses in revenue. Without technology insurance, your company will look like an easy target for unscrupulous competitors who might launch frivolous lawsuits in order to drive you out of business. Tech insurance policies can provide coverage for legal fees and damages up to the specified amount, allowing you to focus resources on expanding your business, and not on defending baseless claims.

Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance

Technology errors and omissions insurance is just as critical to a business’ operations today as malpractice insurance has long been for doctors. Unfortunately, most companies don’t realize the array of liabilities they face just by using technology in their daily operations. Malicious intent is not a prerequisite for a lawsuit – companies and individuals can be held liable for negligence or failing to realize a problem even existed. Technology errors and omissions insurance helps safeguard businesses against difficult to defend lawsuits instigated by clients or competitors.

Technology insurance companies help protect your business against the ever widening array of threats businesses face. Don’t let a minor oversight, misunderstanding, or malicious allegations bring down your company, protect yourself with technology errors and omissions insurance.

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