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The Importance of Technology Insurance: It’s More Necessary for Businesses Than You Think!

You worked hard to build your business; you need technology insurance that works just as hard to protect it from the risks unique to high tech enterprises. The technology sector is a rapidly changing and complex environment; the best technology … Continue reading

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Five Computer Virus Terms and Definitions You Need to Know

…And How Internet Liability Insurance Could Solve Just About Any Cyber Issue Most people are not even aware of the fact that they need Internet liability insurance, let alone understanding why and what their online security risks are. At Insuring … Continue reading

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Owning A Website Makes You a Publisher and Why This Means You Need Internet Liability Insurance

Don’t think you need Internet liability insurance or Cyber liability insurance? Consider this: If you own a website you are, by default, a publisher. Therefore you must take on the liabilities that come with the title. Internet liability insurance, also … Continue reading

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What Is Intellectual Property and Do I Need IPR Insurance?

IPR Insurance covers design, inventions, unique literature, music and art, symbols and images, names, solutions and concoctions. Essentially any intangible creation of the mind can be considered Intellectual Property, so if you or your business has something unique that none … Continue reading

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