Cloud Computing Insurance and Other Internet Security Tips to Keep You Safe When E-Filing Taxes On the Cloud

It’s that time of year again. Love it or hate it, tax season is (legally) unavoidable.Tax season internet security insurance

There are more people now than ever before who are filing their taxes via cloud computing (Read: What is Cloud Computing?). As with anything that has a steady and unwavering growth pattern year over year, there are many benefits to filing your taxes online. However, the sensitive nature of tax documents exposes many internet security risks.

Internet security will always be an issue, so does that mean that we should avoid this convenient and advanced way of filing taxes? No, but it means that you need to be aware of the risks, the tips to keep you safe, and the importance of cloud computing insurance. Continue reading

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Cyber Attacks and Computer Hacking: A Brief History

History of Cyber Attack Insurance and Computer Hacking Insurance

The history of cyber attacks and computer hacking starts well before the invention of computers. Read on for a brief and entertaining account of how and why hacking began, why it’ll likely never stop, and how you can use cyber attack insurance to protect yourself and your company.

The history of cyber attacks begins with the hacking of a landline phone in Silicon Valley.

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Get Data Privacy Protection From a Technology Insurance Company Before It’s Too Late

data privacy from a technology insurance companyShockingly, 52% of small business owners have never contacted a technology insurance company for a data privacy protection plan.

Did you know that 52% of small business owners have never contacted a technology insurance company for a data privacy protection plan?

This statistic is astounding because there are many repercussions when a business has their data privacy breached, and nowadays almost all businesses digitally collect and store some level of valuable “personally identifiable data” of their customers, clients and employees. This data can include names, emails and passwords, credit card information, driver’s license numbers and even social security numbers.

With so many businesses storing valuable personal data it is alarming that only 48% of them using a technology insurance company to keep it confidential. Continue reading

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IPR Insurance: Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

IPR InsuranceIn the digital age, the most valuable asset many companies have is their intellectual property. Just as businesses have learned the importance of insuring their physical property, equipment, and employees, an increasing number of companies are using IPR insurance to protect their ideas. Intellectual property insurance is especially important for companies that develop or depend on technology.

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