Technology Professional’s Commercial Auto

If you own or utilize vehicles for business use you need a Commercial Auto policy. Whether your business offers company cars, provides delivery service or owns a fleet of vehicles to conduct business you should look into properly insuring these mobile means of income.

COMMERCIAL AUTO: If you utilize an automobile for any aspect of your operations you should purchase Commercial Auto to correctly cover the auto and its business functions. Commercial Auto policies will provide you coverage for both collision and comprehensive auto damages. Collision coverage will pay for damages caused to your auto by a collision with another object. Comprehensive coverage will pay for damages to your auto from perils other than collision, such as flood, fire, animals, and stolen cars. You can purchase Commercial Auto coverage for Owned Automobiles, Hired/Non-Owned Automobiles, and Uninsured Motorists.

UNINSURED MOTORIST: In the event you are in a car accident with a motorist that does not have insurance, Uninsured Motorist coverage would ensure you collect for bodily injury losses. This coverage goes into effect only for accidents where the uninsured is at fault.

Correctly insure your firm’s automobiles, with a Commercial Auto policy!

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