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Computer business insurance is crucial for anyone doing work in the technology sector. General and professional liability insurance does not provide adequate protection for computer repair technicians and IT consultants. Computer business insurance is a variety of policies configured especially for the needs of your business.

What is Computer Business Insurance?

From programming glitches that bring down a system or destroy data, to improperly repaired or installed hardware, mistakes are inevitable in computer business. Computer business insurance protects you from the consequences of these common mistakes. Even an unfounded lawsuit can be so expensive that it drives your business to bankruptcy. A covered computer insurance claim would include both the costs of a suit and any damages up to the limit specified in the policy. Computer business insurance can include coverages such as database insurance, IP insurance, cyber liability insurance, and technology error and omissions insurance. Together, these policies protect your intellectual property, cover you in case of database breaches, and help insulate you against lawsuits caused by negligence or failure to prevent a virus from spreading through a network.

Why Do You Need Computer Insurance?

Companies of all sizes are vulnerable to computer-related business law suits. Without computer insurance, you are fully liable for any defense costs and settlements incurred during legal proceedings. In addition, lacking computer insurance makes you a more appealing target for another company’s legal team. Computer business insurance has both reactive and proactive benefits for IT companies of every kind. The IT landscape is changing quickly; the laws governing it aren’t always clear and are often amended to meet contemporary realities. Companies without computer insurance are always in danger of a lawsuit or allegation potentially destroying their business. Whether your business is computer repair, consulting, hardware installation or maintenance, computer programming, or information architecture, computer business insurance should be one of the first things you invest in. Don’t let a baseless lawsuit spell the end for your company; properly insure your business against current and future threats.

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