You Need a Specialized Technology Insurance Company that Protects Your Business Provides the Tech Insurance Coverages Companies Need

As digital technology becomes a linchpin of nearly every business, a broader range of tech insurance policies are required to guard against the quickly growing list of new liabilities. Just because your company has a general business and errors & omissions policy doesn’t mean you’re covered. Any organization with a website, internal network, or any sort of customer information database is vulnerable to lawsuits stemming from viruses, data theft, or resulting interruption of business. Standard policies are not enough. You need a technology insurance company like that specializes in keeping companies protected from new threats.

Are you aware that your company can be sued for:

  • Lost or compromised data hosted on a cloud computing service such as Google Docs or Hotmail
  • Failing to prevent the transmission of a virus through one of your networks
  • The contents of a forum post or even email of an employee
  • Getting rid of office equipment such as fax machines without properly clearing their internal memory
  • Failing to notify customers that their private data has been breached

These are just some of the actionable issues associated with doing business in the digital age. Tech insurance also protects your business in case of equipment or software problems that cause you to lose money. Just as brick and mortar businesses have insurance against fire or flood damage, companies using digital equipment – which is pretty much all of them – need insurance in case a technological disaster drives a decrease in revenues.

IT Professionals Need a Technology Insurance Company Too

It’s not just large companies that need their work, their equipment, and their data protected by dedicated a technology insurance company. More and more IT professionals – including programmers, consultants, and hardware installation and repair technicians – are contractors or self-employed. Software glitches, hardware malfunctions, service interruptions, security breaches, compromised databases, and server outages can all cause revenue loss.

Affected companies may seek damages from the IT professionals who suggested, installed, or maintained the systems. Even if you’re found to be faultless, few small businesses or contractors can afford the time and money it takes to fight such a lawsuit. Tech insurance for IT professionals doesn’t just cover damages and legal fees up to the amount specified in the policy, it also discourages lawsuits from individuals or companies simply seeking an easy target.

The way companies do business is changing. Unfortunately, most insurance policies aren’t, which is why you need to seek coverage from a technology insurance company. Many businesses are at risk because they mistakenly assume their current insurance policies adequately protect them. Without tech insurance you are vulnerable to software malfunctions, hardware failures, and lawsuits over anything from IPR infringement to slander.

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