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The internet has transformed business, making it possible for companies to spread their goods, services, and content all over the world. With any great opportunity comes great peril—these expanded horizons also call for new precautions, including internet liability insurance. The risks are not limited to e-commerce; any website, online presence, or network can jeopardize your business if not managed properly. With the landscape changing so quickly, many companies break the law without being aware of their transgressions, or the possible consequences of their acts. Internet liability insurance, also known as cyber insurance, is first- and third-party coverage that helps protect you from unwitting indiscretions within your company, and from aggressive actions on the part of competitors.

Why is Internet Liability Insurance Important?

There are many opportunities for lawsuits that will damage your company even if you win, tying up valuable resources with a legal battle. Internet liability insurance covers infringement or unauthorized use of trademarks, copyrighted content, advertising material, and more. With cyber insurance you have the wherewithal to pursue those who steal your material, and protect yourself from the same charges – you can be sued for copyright infringement even if you innocently used the material or replicated certain elements without any knowledge of the original!

If your company stores customer data of any kind, internet liability insurance is a must. Any breach of user records is a potential lawsuit, and many states now require you, by law, to disclose any unauthorized access to client records. Misuse of or failure to protect client data can result in costly lawsuits, bad publicity, and negatively affect your business’ profile and profits.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. Your company is not only liable if you accidentally transmit a virus or harmful application to users, you can be sued for failing to prevent the spreading of malicious software. Without internet liability insurance, you’re in a precarious position if a hacker uses your network to spread a virus. Cyber insurance is defense against unscrupulous companies and hackers who seek to exploit your company’s vulnerabilities.

Why You Need Internet Liability Insurance

With technology and legal precedent changing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up. Furthermore, many of the laws governing internet liability can seem rather obscure, and infringements are so common that many people are completely misinformed about the laws governing web content and commerce. Internet liability insurance provides a buffer, protecting you from unwitting violations and intentional wrongdoing by third parties or from within your own company.

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