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The digital age has created a great number of new positions. Standard general liability insurance does not cover many of the risks associated with these new fields, making IT insurance vital for professionals in the IT industry. Software developers, equipment repair technicians, web and system designers, computer programmers, IT project managers, and online security specialists, are some of the new positions that each have their own intrinsic risks and liabilities. In addition, much of this work is done by people with fluid employment situations – working part time, full time, or as contractors – which can make traditional insurance unsuitable for information technology workers. IT insurance is an array of insurance policies specifically tailored to those working in the IT field, packaged together for ultimate ease and cost effectiveness.

What is IT Insurance

IT insurance is comprised of a number of different policies. General liability is a must for IT workers, but it only covers claims of bodily injury or property damage. Most general liability policies will cover you whether you are at your own location or on a customer’s premises, which is useful for contractors that work out of different offices, or repair technicians that travel to many sites. Property coverage is another important part of information technology insurance. The property coverage packaged in IT insurance covers business property as well as items specific to IT professionals such as computer, media, laptop, and even software insurance. It is also possible to get workers compensation in your IT insurance package. The policies are combined and customized in a way that meets the specific needs of a specialist in the information technology field.

The Advantages of Information Technology Insurance

While working in information technology is rewarding, IT workers are exposed everyday to countless legal and physical risks. Broken equipment, data loss, network outages, and physical injury are just some things that can go wrong when you’re working with expensive computer equipment, or complicated code. It’s hard to do ones’ job well when the threat of a lawsuit looms over your head. Protect yourself, your employees and your client’s data by purchasing information technology insurance, and get back to doing what you do best.

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