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Do You Need a Technology Insurance Company?

Most General Policies Fail to Cover Common Tech Insurance Claims

Does your current insurance protect against hackers, viruses, data theft, and IPR lawsuits? Technology insurance company provides tech insurance that safeguards your company's equipment, employees, Intellectual Property Rights, and reputation. Cyber liability insurance, internet liability insurance, cloud computing insurance, and IPR insurance are crucial coverages for every business with a website or internal network. Technology professionals without IT insurance, IT consultant insurance, or software insurance can be targeted for costly lawsuits. Computer business insurance and technology E&O insurance policies defend against security breaches, and unsubstantiated lawsuits from clients or competitors. News & Articles
Cyber Liability Insurance Explained
From botnets to phishing, stock price manipulation to ATM hacking, online crime has been popping up in the news with an increasin...
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Internet Liability Insurance and Your Company
The internet connects you and your business to the world. Unfortunately, without internet liability insurance, this connection als...
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Cyber Crime News: What’s New Today In the World of Cyber Security
Cyber crime may sound like it comes out of a 1980’s Science Fiction novel but it has become a very real part of the computer...
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