Cyber Crime News: What’s New Today In the World of Cyber Security

Cyber crime may sound like it comes out of a 1980’s Science Fiction novel but it has become a very real part of the computer age today. There’s no escaping it and while it may not be quite the reality envisioned by those struggling visionaries, it is a big deal and it is very relevant.

In fact, simply owning a computer makes cyber crime relevant. For a business relying on its website or IT for daily functioning, cyber crime has the potential to destroy all that you have created.  Read the following cyber crime news updates and consider how your business could be affected:

Cyber Crime Grows More Destructive Every Day

While it is often young teens or students who are the felons when it comes to cyber crime, you should never underestimate their potential to wreak havoc in the name of fun or boredom. It is these teens that eventually join criminal organizations, which work to bring down major organizations, such as the FBI, which now must employ hundreds of agents nationwide working full time on investigating and resolving cyber crimes.

Online Data Sells Well When It’s Stolen.

From teenage rebellion hacking into high security areas to online terrorism and some aggressive money laundering there are no limits to the foray of cyber crime. Most recently, a total of 36 websites being used to sell stolen credit and debit card data have been shut down with two men arrested for buying large-scale purchases of data. These types of sites are more commonly known as Automated Vending Carts (AVC’s) and they are likely to be a royal pain to law enforcement attempting to track them, as they allow for the quick and easy sale of stolen data.

An Unorthodox Approach to Tracing Cyber Crimes.

As tracking technologies advance so do hacking and cloaking abilities, making cyber crime extremely difficult to trace. While most hackers who are caught face charges, now more radical approaches are being taken to crack down on criminals and crack their codes. One such radical approach making cyber crime news is being taken by none other than Facebook. They have elected to pay those who manage to hack their way through the sites firewalls and will withhold any law enforcement proceedings if certain mandates are complied with. These mandates include that the hacker give the site’s staff due notice in dealing with the report that said hacker must file before making their findings known to the public at large. The multi-million dollar venture that made its name by giving people a platform to share information has strived to utilize their threat instead of spending thousands in hiring people to predict and block threats – some of which might never materialize. Their approach is definitely one for the books!

Granted, Facebook’s strategy may not be for everyone. But more and more cyber crime news goes online every day and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If your business could be vulnerable to cyber crime, you should investigate how technology insurance coverages could really help you out, and there’s nowhere better for that than

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