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Cyber Liability Insurance Explained

From botnets to phishing, stock price manipulation to ATM hacking, online crime has been popping up in the news with an increasing frequency. Although it is difficult to quantify how much cybercrime is actually taking place out there – especially because … Continue reading

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Internet Liability Insurance and Your Company

The internet connects you and your business to the world. Unfortunately, without internet liability insurance, this connection also exposes you to a world of risk. These legal hazards are typically not covered by the standard errors and omissions policy in … Continue reading

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Cyber Crime News: What’s New Today In the World of Cyber Security

Cyber crime may sound like it comes out of a 1980’s Science Fiction novel but it has become a very real part of the computer age today. There’s no escaping it and while it may not be quite the reality … Continue reading

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How Intellectual Property Rights Encourages Global Innovation and Why You Should Always Copyright Your Big Ideas

Consider this: Without Intellectual Property Rights the human race could come to a standstill in innovation. Without being able to copy brilliant ideas of others, more people are encouraged to join the race and create better inventions and think brighter … Continue reading

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Facebook Viruses and Malware Infection: How Employees Accessing Facebook at Work Puts Your Co. at Cyber Security Risk

Facebook Viruses and Facebook Malware are being distributed more often every day, marking the beginning of a new and evolving cyber security risk. Facebook is a powerful networking tool. As companies and employers start to recognize advantages of allowing their … Continue reading

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