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How Intellectual Property Rights Encourages Global Innovation and Why You Should Always Copyright Your Big Ideas

Consider this: Without Intellectual Property Rights the human race could come to a standstill in innovation. Without being able to copy brilliant ideas of others, more people are encouraged to join the race and create better inventions and think brighter … Continue reading

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What Is Intellectual Property and Do I Need IPR Insurance?

IPR Insurance covers design, inventions, unique literature, music and art, symbols and images, names, solutions and concoctions. Essentially any intangible creation of the mind can be considered Intellectual Property, so if you or your business has something unique that none … Continue reading

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IPR Insurance: Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

In the digital age, the most valuable asset many companies have is their intellectual property. Just as businesses have learned the importance of insuring their physical property, equipment, and employees, an increasing number of companies are using IPR insurance to … Continue reading

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