Technology Professional’s Liability Insurance

Purchasing Consultants’ liability coverages will protect your business from third party law suits. These coverages pay what you are legally responsible to pay to others who were injured by your operations and/or to repair or replace damaged property. Consultants’ liability will provide you peace of mind while conducting your business.

GENERAL LIABILITY: Protect yourself against, bodily injury, property damage or personal injury claims made by someone else with General Liability coverage. This type of coverage will exclude liability coverage due to errors and omissions during the act of providing professional services. See our Errors & Omissions section to learn more about correctly insuring your consultant services.

HIRED/NON-OWNED VEHICLE LIABILITY: Hired & Non-owned coverage is essential when providing customers delivery service. If you choose not to cover autos that participate in your commercial operation you could be held responsible for the accidents of your employees. Purchasing this coverage could provide contingent excess liability for Hired (Rented) vehicles and Non-Owned vehicles (vehicles owned by employees and driven for company business).

PERSONAL INJURY: Purchasing this coverage can cover your financial losses caused by various actions. Eviction, wrongful entry, false arrest, libel, and other invasions of right of private occupancy are a few of the causes of loss that can be covered. Personal Injury coverage does not cover bodily injury. Bodily injury coverage on the workplace would be covered by your Workers’ Compensation policy.

ADVERTISING INJURY: Protect yourself from advertising injury offenses caused by you to a third party. Ensure you are covered if you ever face claims pertaining to defamation, infringement of copyright, title or slogan, slander, unfair competition or piracy with Advertising Injury coverage.

FIRE LEGAL: Fire Legal covers leased or rented property that you could be held legally liable for damages due to the perils of fire or explosion.

Make sure the Consultants’ liabililty coverage you are purchasing has your best interests and the interests of your clients in mind! Check out the Excess Liability Coverages we offer to supplement these policies!

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