Technology Professional’s Loss and Theft Insurance

While the physical losses at a Consultant’s office are apparent, how will you protect your earnings and finances? By obtaining these types of insurance you can collect wages if your firm/agency is forced to close due to a covered peril, and protect yourself from employee dishonesty. The below coverages provide you peace of mind that your investment will be safe from financial exposures of business loss and theft.

BUSINESS INCOME INSURANCE: This coverage will pay you for the actual losses sustained due to the necessary suspension of your operations from a covered peril during a specified period of restoration. For example, if a fire causes your business to be unable to operate for 3 months while you rebuild, loss of earnings or business interruption coverage would help ease the burden of paying employees, vendors and yourself. If your business is not able to operate Business Income Insurance will help you re-coup a portion of your lost income!

EXTRA EXPENSE COVERAGE: In the event you are forced out of your standard operating area due to a covered peril, Extra Expense Coverage would provide funds to operate your business at another location after a loss. If you sustain a loss that causes your firm/agency to rent a new building, install telephone systems, and/or rent office furniture in order to continue your normal business practices, this type of coverage would pay for those expenses.

CRIME: Purchase Crime Coverage to alleviate losses caused by theft, employee dishonesty, computer fraud, forgery and alteration, safe burglary, robbery, extortion, disappearance, burglary, and destruction. Depending on the coverage you are looking for crime policies can cover multiple causes of loss or name specific acts that are covered.

EMPLOYEE DISHONESTY: Employee Dishonest Coverage protects you from financial losses due to the fraudulent activities of an employee or a group of employees. Losses that can be covered include an employee’s theft of money, securities and/or other property of the employer. Don’t let employing your family & friends keep you from purchasing this coverage, because we know in the insurance industry that anything can happen!

MONEY & SECURITIES: Purchasing Money & Securities provides coverage for the theft of money & securities by holdup or theft. This type of coverage is applicable to both on and off premise losses. Most standard Property/Content Policies do not cover cash money losses, or can cover a limited amount of cash.

Don’t let business loss and theft become an issue for you, buy coverage!

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