Technology Professional’s Property Insurance

When purchasing Consultants’ Property Insurance, think about the value of what is inside. You have worked to create a professional, inviting work environment, make sure you can maintain the integrity of your space after a loss. Consultants’ Property Insurance is one of the ESSENTIAL coverages for Web Designers, Technical Writer and Technology Consultants! Coverages can be provided for the building itself, the contents of the building, and glass.

PROPERTY/BUILDING: As a property owner/renter you understand the importance of maintaining the building to sustain revenue. This coverage will pay for direct physical loss or damage to your covered building or premise from a covered peril such as Fire, Theft, Windstorm, etc. Building Coverage will allow you to rebuild/restore your premise after a loss.

BUSINESS PERSONAL PROPERTY / CONTENTS: Business Personal property would provide coverage for the contents you own, utilized for conducting business. Purchasing this coverage could pay for direct physical losses or damages to covered unattached physical items located at your premises, caused by or resulting from any covered causes of loss (perils). Examples of Covered Business Personal Property you may have: computers, furniture, merchandise, and business equipment.

GLASS: Whether your office has a large glass storefront or a few isolated windows, Glass Coverage is a must! Typically covered for all perils except fire and war, this coverage can be offered for all types of panes and is offered with or without a deductible. Glass Insurance can be purchase for your windows, structural glass, leaded glass, and mirrors.

Consultants’ Property Insurance can not only provide coverage for the building where you operate but can also cover its contents, which allow you to run your day to day operations.

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