Owning A Website Makes You a Publisher and Why This Means You Need Internet Liability Insurance

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Don’t think you need Internet liability insurance or Cyber liability insurance?
Consider this: If you own a website you are, by default, a publisher. Therefore you must take on the liabilities that come with the title.

Internet liability insurance, also known as cyber liability insurance could cover first and third party risks that many publishers face, including infringement of intellectual property rights, virus transmissions, privacy issues and many of the liabilities that come with being an online publisher.

When your business takes advantage of the new technologies in the Internet, like e-commerce& digital databases, you need to make sure you’re covered should any infringement, virus or information breeches take place. The platforms you are working with are cutting edge, so you need a policy that is up to par as well. Read on to learn more about just a few of the issues that come with being an online publisher.

Claims of Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

Every line of text that you have on your website has been published by you for anyone to see, which puts you at risk for a whole slew of publisher-related liabilities.

Since the internet is a free source of information, anyone has the ability gather endless research from it. Aside from personally writing every line of content on your site, how can you really be sure that there is no plagiarism on your site? Are you aware of how closely your newly published content resembles the source? Unless you have time to go over everything with a fine-tooth comb, Internet liability insurance or cyber insurance is necessary to provide protection for you from intellectual property rights infringement and negligent publication.

Spreading Cyber Viruses

If you don’t update your site often or run regular maintenance checks, you could be at risk of spreading a virus, that you are unaware of, to your site visitors. There are many ways this could happen, for example, there may be links that were safe when they were placed on your site that changed or were redirected over time to an infected page. When you have internet liability insurance you could be protected from having to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars you may be sued for after spreading a virus.

Information breeches

Most businesses have some sort of digital storage system with the names of their customers and clients along with some of their more personal information. There is no knowing how or when a hacker might attack your system and steal this valuable information. You may not even know that your data has been breached for weeks or even months. If this happens, not only are you responsible for alerting your customers that their information security has been compromised because of your business, but you are also responsible for the damages that incur as a result.

Without internet liability insurance, you may face serious consequences involving lawsuits, damaged reputation issues and ultimately the downfall of your business.

Don’t let an online oversight cost you your livelihood. If you are interested in Internet liability insurance contact InsuringTech today.

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